Katy Seibel Copywriting and Brand since 2018

Katy Seibel Copywriting and Brand since 2018

Dear Reader,

Are you looking for the right writer? I’m a whip-smart wordsmith and published author based in Portland, Oregon. For over a decade, I’ve crafted clever copy for brands big and small. Beyond the written word, I bring a knack for big ideas and a keen eye for design. Not to mention, I can collab and present like a pro. Get to know my skills below, and check out selected work.


& Editing

With an artist-meets-editor approach, I combine imagination with attention to detail. While my archive of work is long and varied, I specialize in writing that’s short and sweet. Think taglines, headlines, and body copy with playfully poetic flow, well-placed wit, and punchy impact.


brand building

If your brand is new in town, I can help nail down who you are, what you have to say, and how you want to present yourself to the world. No matter where you are in the process (from the seed of an idea to launch-ready), I’m here to assist with naming, brand identity, voice exploration, and copy style guides.



A lot happens before putting pen to paper. While finding the right words is important, they won’t matter without a good idea. By being part of a project from the start, I can brainstorm ideas for stories, campaigns, and anything else that needs dreaming up.



Along the way, I’ve picked up a slew of hobbies and side gigs, including photo and prop styling, wardrobe styling, illustration, mood boards, and trend reports. My abilities truly shine when they’re combined — perhaps these added skills will come in handy for your brand.

Long story short, I have a way with words and would love to have a word with you.


P.S. Write back at kathryn.seibel@gmail.com.